Why Should You Play Badminton From a Young Age?

Badminton is easy to play, easy to learn and regardless of age. Playing badminton brings more health and excitement to the players, so badminton is considered a sport of family and community. Especially for teens, playing badminton gives them many benefits. So here are the reasons why you or your children should play badminton from a young age.

Opportunity to develop talent

It is better to know that you have badminton skills when you are young. This will help you develop your ability in the most suitable age, you can reach the top of the badminton. In order to be able to do that you not only need talent but you must also look for good badminton rackets for you.

Release energy

With the constant movement to break the bridge or move around the yard to counter opponents attack, with just one hour of badminton you burn about 500 calories. For those less active, burning excess calories reduces their risk of obesity. A disease that is common in young people today.

Improved focus, quick reflex

Badminton is a high-tempo sport. Therefore, in order to catch up with the pace of the game, the players need to concentrate. This will make you more alert and focused on other activities, especially in learning. To increase your reflexivity, not only do you have to work hard. You also need to find the right racquet for your level, you are a beginner, intermediate player or professional player.

Improve lung function

With strong movement intensity, your heart needs to work a lot, resulting in increased oxygenation in the lungs. Not only the lungs but also other functional organs in the respiratory system are also significantly improved.

Digestive system support

Badminton play helps support digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. Accompanying that will increase appetite, enhance metabolism and keep the digestive system healthy.

Keep your heart healthy

When playing badminton, the body must work continuously on the pitch so the heart must work faster to pump blood and oxygen to the muscular system, helping them not fatigue. When the heart is working faster, it reduces blood cholesterol and prevents the risk of heart disease.

Grow height

Badminton requires the agility of the entire body, especially the foot of the movement. This will help increase bone density to help prevent diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis. Activities that jump on the bridge will stimulate bone growth as you grow. Your height will be maximized.

Strengthen the muscles

In some sports, when you play, you only need to work on a certain muscle group. But when playing badminton you will move the whole body in all positions so the muscle groups will be developed in a comprehensive way. Especially with the abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks, and arms are the most affected muscle groups.

Stay away from social evils

Playing badminton will help you relieve stress in your life and increase your intimacy with your family and your community. Negative thoughts will not show up in your head, because all around you are pure laughter. So the social evils will not be accessible to you. In order to increase the fun experience for every badminton game, you should choose to buy the best badminton shuttlecocks or badminton nets suitable for your play area (indoor, outdoor or backyard…).


With such great benefits. What are you waiting for, choose badminton as your daily sport. If you already have children, they deserve great value from this sport. Try to play to get a clearer sense of the benefits of it to your family.¬†Since it is known for the use of badminton, it has become my family’s favorite sport at the end of afternoons.