What Types of Knives Would You Need for Your Kitchen?

If you’re thinking about buying a new knife for your own use, chances are good that you might have checked out a lot of knife types for yourself. Have you been overwhelmed with the options yet? I know the feeling because I’ve been through it before.

So what makes buying a new knife that difficult? I think the main reason is that you don’t know which type of knife would do which task when cooking. That’s why I will share with you my own experience regarding this interesting topic today.

The first type of knife you should buy is a chef knife. Chef knife is a multi-purpose knife that can do all your major tasks such as dicing, slicing, and mincing. The best chef knives will even help you do some other minor tasks such as cutting fruits and vegetables. This is a must-have for any modern kitchen since you will have much value from your investment with a good chef/kitchen knife.

Another type of knife that you will need, based on my experience, is a carving knife. If meat-based dishes are your family’s favorite, then it’s 99% certain you will have to equip a decent knife of this type. Because when you have the best carving knives around, you will often find slicing meats a breeze. It’s so pleasantly easy that you will ask yourself why you haven’t equipped this tool earlier.

Now, if you find yourself having to constantly de-veining shrimps, peeling tomatoes, or peeling apples, you will need the best paring knives out there! A paring knife is a small knife designed to help you complete smaller cooking tasks like the ones I’ve listed. It’s so versatile you will find doing all those small but nuanceĀ tasks a lot faster and easier. The knife won’t cost you much either, so you can go with a full set if you want.

The next type of knife you should have for your home kitchen is a cleaver. And just to let you know, there are 2 types of cleavers you will often find on the market. Meat cleavers and vegetable cleavers. Don’t use one for the other’s tasks because they’re designed to do their own jobs. But whichever type of pick up, make sure that they’re the best cleavers you can find for your money. How? Just go to Amazon and you will find a ton with many customers’ feedback.

Another favorite type of knives that I love is the bread knife. This type of knife is a good choice for, you guess it, slicing bread. And even the best bread knives out there will only set you back from around $30 to $100 max. But guess what? They will help you slice out the near-perfect slices of bread that you can show off to your friends whenever they come along for a meal!

And talking about your friends, if you want to impress them even more, then don’t forget to bring out the best steak knives you can have in your kitchen! A good set of steak knives will be the cream of the crop that makes your friends jealous! Oh, and did I mention that they will make your beef dinner taste even better? Try it out for yourself.